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2017 Publications

First direct constraints on Fierz interference in f4ree neutron beta decay
K.P. Hickerson et al.
Phys. Rev C96, 042501 (2017)

Searches for Double Beta Decay of 134Xe with EXO-200
J.B. Albert et al.
arXiv:1704.05v1 (hep-ex) 17 April 2017

Detection System for Neutron Beta Decay Correlations in the UCNB and Nab experiments
L.J. Broussard et al.
Submitted to Nucl. Inst. Methods Phys. Res. Sec. A

Cryogenic magnetic coil and superconducting magnetic shield for neutron electric dipole moment searches
S. Slutsky et al.
Nucl Methods A 862, 36 (2017)

Position-sensitive detection of ultracold neutrons with an imaging camera and its implications to spectroscopy
W. Wei et al.
Submitted to Nucl. Inst. Methods A

Status of Electric Diopole Moment (EDM) searchers
B. Filippone
Proceedings, 14th Conference on Flavor Physics and CP Violation, Pasadena, California (2017)

A new method for measuring the neutron lifetime using an in situ neutron detector
C.L. Morris et al.
Rev. Sci. Inst. 88, 053508 (2017)

Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay with the Upgraded EXO-200 Detector
J.B. Albert et al.
arXiv:1707.08707v1 [hep-ex] July 2017

Search for neucleon decays with EXO-200
J.B. Albert et al.
arXiv:  1710.07670v1 [hep-ex] October 2017

Sensitivity and discovery potential of nEXO to neutrinoless double beta decay
J.B. Albert et al.
arXiv: 1710.05075v1 [nucl-ex] October 2017