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2018 Publications

Searches for Double Beta Decay of 134Xe with EXO-200
J.B. Albert et al. (EXO-200 Collaboration incudes P. Vogel)
arXiv:1704.5042v1 [hep-ex]

Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay with the Upgraded EXO-200 Detector
J.B. Albert et al. (EXO-200 collaboration including P. Vogel)
Phys. Rev. Letters 120, 072701 (2018)

New result for the neutron beta-asymmetry parameter A_0 from UCNA
M. A.-P. Brown et al.
Phys. Rev. C97, 035505 (2018)

Search for dark matter decay of the free neutron from the UCNA experiment: n\to\chi +e^+e^-
X. Sun et al.
Phys. Rev C 97, 052501(R) (2018)

Cavallo's multiplier for in situ generation of high voltage
S.M. Clayton et al.
J. Instrumentation 13, P05017 (2018)

Search for nucleon decays with EXO-200
J.B. Albert et al.
Phys. Rev D 97, 072007 (2018)

\( \tau\nu\beta\beta \) and \( 2\nu\beta\beta \) nuclear matrix elements evaluated in closure approximation, neutrino potentials and SU(4) symmetry
F. Simkovic, A. Smetana, and P. Vogel
Phys. Rev. C98, 064325 (2018)