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The Kellogg Radiation Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology performs experimental research in areas of nuclear physics, particle physics, and astrophysics.

The experimental research program is focused on the use of nuclear physics to perform precision tests of the standard electroweak theory. A substantial part of the experimental program involves searching for new sources of symmetry violation. Much of the program involves studying trapped free neutrons (so-called Ultra-Cold Neutrons). A program to exploit a new intense source of ultra-cold neutrons in Los Alamos is studying the beta asymmetry in neutron decay (UCNA) with unprecedented precision in order to search for new physics beyond the Standard Model. We are also building a new experiment to search the Electric Dipole Moment of the neutron (nEDM) whose existence violates Time Reversal Symmetry. 

Further information on the laboratory's activities and personnel can be obtained on other pages of this site.